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Two Ways To Get Your Concealer Application Right

The weekend is here again, where we get to see different outfits and makeup in one event or the other. It’s all about showcasing our classy look and gisting with friends and family on how we got it done, especially when we get that “wow!” compliment. The “wow” compliment is one major thing we look forward to when we sit in front of that mirror to make up.

A lot of us do light or heavy makeup to work every day, but the question is, are you applying your concealer the right way? You are already asking yourself, what is this one saying again? I have been applying makeup since God knows when. LOL! OK, let get to it.

The following ways set your concealer application on another level

  1. Apply your foundation before concealer.

Starting with a layer of foundation will help minimize any redness or discoloration. This allows you to create a smooth base for the rest of the products. Foundation before concealer is a perfect way to prevent caking and creasing, this process helps you use less makeup product, a plus you say.

  1. Picking shades

A mix of yellow-orange pigment in your concealer usually compliments ending skin tone the best, if you try it and your colors starts to oxidize or start to turn grey, then that’s not your color, you need to move into darker pigment. If you are completely sure of your foundation color, your concealer can be a shade or half a shade lighter than your foundation because then, you are not only concealing with the product, you are also using it to brightening up your face and highlight the face.


Note, concealer is not foundation you need to stop rubbing it all over your face.  Precision application is key to concealer application.



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